Founder / New Media Artist / Graphic Designer / DJ

He, who always seek for future visionary and innovative initiative. Rather than acting as the leader, he is much more prefer to be on the field itself and playing the actual role as a "team player". In The Tomoe, he provokes the inner quality and strength, which makes everyone unleash their unique potential. As the head, he always ensure that everyone will support, motivate and help each other in every obstacle we face. 


Keeping the underground music scene fueled with fresh and innovative graphic ideas, Takashi aided a lot of graphic designs and creative ideas for the local underground music movement and community. Being a visual enthusiast, he did a research on "Local Multimedia Digital Audiovisual Culture" for his master studies, which allowed him to investigate and cultivate the local audiovisual phenomenon. Till date, as an active contributor for the local audiovisual community, he has been featured in numerous media and brands such as Fred Perry, JUICE Malaysia, Red Bull Malaysia, The Star News, and more. As a DJ, he have played alongside artist like Mushroom Buttons (MY), CEE (MY), Kiat (SG), CherryChan (SG), Jean Reiki (SG), Puzzle (DE), Able8 (AUS), Mono / Poly (US), Uncon Sci (US), Daedelus (US), Phon.o (DE), Slo-Lo (VN), Sauce81 (JP), Slugabed (UK) and many more. An alumni of JENESYS 2.0 program, 2013. 

Creative Consultant / New Media Artist / Motion Graphic Artist

One of the earliest recruits in our team. His role in this team is to make sure that the team keep its quality and identity by securing our real objectives and standing to our signature grounds. Being the main advisor for The Tomoe and having vast experiences in the creative corporate world since young age, he's 100% professional with handling between what is business and what is passion.

Pioneered the first batch of Bachelor in Media Arts in Multimedia University, Cyberjaya (2013). Since then, he is one of the most active and inspiring in his course. His final year project, at a very young age, involved motion sensor development that would trigger visuals (which is hung out in mid air) that conveys a message about the effects of smartphones towards society. Moreover, as a media artist, he did and contributed some installation works such as the Mano, Light Pieces, Terra, PIPOC 2013, the 13th Juice Anni Installations, and more. In the corporate field, his portfolio consist of projects from PETRONAS, Anugerah Akademik Negara by Ministry of Education, Consumer Research and Resource Centre, Anugerah Inovasi Negara by Ministry of Science, Education, And Innovation, Metropolitan University, Mizz Nina Around The World Concert, etcetera. Furthermore, he had gave birth to his own creative company to further his journey in the corporate world called LABRVCK.

New Media Artist / Motion Graphic Artist / Videographer

Being one of the most active members in The Tomoe, she always keen to nurture the team's development. Not to mention her endless contribution of video documentation of The Tomoe's works. Her vast creative knowledge and flexibility in multi-tasking is what make her amazing in not just providing advice, but real functional advice which she could relate with her past experienced that can be implemented in the present activities and her limitless patient always keeps the great quality of the team's product. Graduated as Bachelor in Animation, she always delivered great results when we asked for motion graphics and 3D model products. She had involved in the production field and works with some of the local TV series such as Gajet, Delina, and upcoming travel-logue series called Portal XYZ. Currently she's a compositor at the Animonsta Studio and her biggest achievement so far yet is to composite the local blockbuster animation film, BoboiBoy The Movie.


She also co-founded a small creative company with Azurin Nasir (which is also one of our members) called RAD. In it, they have done mostly works of motion graphic content, and projection mapping. You can check out their works at . Also check out her vimeo to find out more about her works at .

Projection Mapping Specialist / 3D Modeller / Motion Graphic Artist / Graphic Designer / VJ

Azurin's involvement with contemporary style motion graphics production since early age and his passion towards the development of art has always keeps him updated with whats trending and in demand. Liase with that, he always keep The Tomoe fresh drift and updated with the latest movement. At a very young age, presently, he is the Art Director at ThreeCoreMedia.


Eventhough his projection mapping product are mostly small scales, he have done a lot of experimentation towards different scales, shapes and dimensions such as pile of small boxes and crafted typo (KUL 1.0), ±10 times human size sculpture (TERRA project), and a red bungalow (RANTAI 2014). Till date, he have provided a lot of mographs content and graphic designs for companies such as PETROSAINS, ETIQA Insurance, JOMPAY by Bank Negara Malaysia and more. Currently, he work as a creative content provider. Not to mention he founded another creative company named RAD with Yasmin Khai.

VJ / Motion Graphic Artist / Videographer


MVL (pronounced Māl) is our main visual frontman. His passion towards posting VJ loop clips and motion graphics on social medias aided us with visual feast. His techniques and courage always smoothen our VJing events. The passion and hardwork in learning new techniques and developing his own styles helped him achieving greater results in his works. Thus, never failed in feeding visuals for succeeding The Tomoe projects.

MVL past projects involves alot of experimental mograph bedroom products. His activeness defined what "practice makes perfect" really is. During the day, he works as a video editor and compositor. Till date, he has provide visual contents and VJ for Jony Maddkidz, Xes Xes Loveseat, OAG, The Otherside Orchestra, The Pinholes (SG), The Psalms (SG), Aland Tan (IND), Culoe De Song (AF), Gabriele Poso (IT), and many more.

Programmer / Creative Content provider / Writer / R&D

Studied Virtual Reality and major in Media Arts for his Bachelor Degree, and recently graduated in Masters in Media & Creative Technologies from New Zealand, he always supplied us with his knowledge of coding and programming. Although during his master's study, he went through a total art and photography flip with his research topic, "Photography — A Phenomenological Gestalt" because of his passion towards live visual theories. During his university life, he is some of those cool nerds who discovered and explored the programs in the gadgets of that period such as kinect, arduino, processing, leap motion, oculus, and more. He’s familiar with HTML, Java, C#, C++, and Python but his advantage is Java because of his activeness in experimenting Processing. He’s also well aware with graphical-based, node-based programming like TouchDesigner. Another one of our gem programmers.

"Life is too short. Buy the damn concert tickets." 
Aidil just love music events and festivals too much. Rather than being stuck in the real life environment, 9 to 5 routine, Aidil found absolute pleasure and enjoyment to have his body inside the energetic euphoric surroundings and environment - experiencing the phenomenological music experience with a big soundsystem. It is for nothing else but for his own temporary self-enjoyment to get away from all the life hassles. To add up, he really love to document his journeys and experiences through photography. Just pure passion and love towards music and music events photography.
Rather than being a formal style photographer, he prefer to shoot using his handy compact camera (either it's analog, digital or even his phone as long as it is handy) trying to capture what he sees and what he experienced during the gigs. His photo style influenced a lot as an "artistic photographer" not as a "professional photographer". Such references and inspirations to him are the typical Daze & Confused style of photography around UK party scenes, with all that grainy, strong saturations and gamma kind of feels.
DJ / Technical Engineer / Sound Engineer / New Media Artist

Mac Adam. A veteran pioneer in the local underground bass movement. He has vast experiences of managing plus setting up sound systems and DJing at hundreds of local events. His endless loving for bass music specifically drum and bass and jungle music have made him played alongside international names like London Elektricity (Hospital Records UK), Makoto (JPN), Charlie Dark (Ninja Tune UK), Kain (Ohm Resistance US), Amit (MetalHeadz UK), Kiat (Syndicate SG), hundreds of local bands and DJs, and alot of international festivals. He may be the person who stand in the back line during those highlight performances, but those who know his contribution and his involvement in the society knows that he runs his shit properly. An unsung hero.


His current motivations towards technologies have made him settled from the music scene (not quite) and focus more on hardware and open source inventions. Brought up by inspiring the latest technology, he is one of those tech wiz who played with open source kits like Arduino, Livid Brain, Makey Makey, and self developed MIDIs.

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