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Moonlightin down the Garden City of Lights, while grooving on this absolute radiant mix. Either cruising in a roofless classic Jaguar while the lunar beams, or riding down the road besides the beach basking under the sunlight āla Hiroshi Nagai’s vibe. This synthful energetic mix straight up gleaming your joyness vitality. A combination of pure 80s funk and soul (Toshiki Kadomatsu - Sea Line), Nihon hiphop r&b bits (Sweet William - Sky Lady), Indo disco (Yana Julio - Hanya Untukmu) and all the way down to the D.. *cough* D.R.A.M. Pradana, known as the KL musical timelord, are a definite good times maestro DJ. みましょう。


1. Toshiki Kadomatsu - Sea Line

2. M-flo - How you like me now? (Sweet William Remix)

3. Denzel Curry - 13lack 13alloons (feat. Goldlink)

4. MONDO GROSSO - One Temperature (feat. Big O (SHAKKAZOMBIE))

5. Avelino - U Can Stand Up (feat. Santan Dave)

6. Dorian - Shower

7. Knucks X Not3s - Hooper (prod. Swindle)

8. Promnite - Get It From Her Mama (Mike Gao x Sweater Beats' VIP)

9. Thelma Aoyama - poppin' feat. Miliyah Kato

10. Boyz II Men - Little Things

11. Sweet William - Sky Lady (feat. Itto, Jinmenusagi & KikiViviLily)

12. Snakehips - Cruzin' (feat. St. Rulez)

13. Eill - HUSH (prod. Kai Takahashi (LUCKY TAPES))

14. Mabel - Low Key

15. Original Love - Seppun (Kiss)

16. Mecanika - 18 17. SwuM - Owls

18. Tsubaki X Sweet William - Girl (feat. Jinmenusagi)

19. Novelist - Smiles

20. Ratcliffe - Mindset

21. PREP - Snake Oil feat. Reva Devito

22. Onra - Secretly

23. Reva Devito - After Tonight (B.Bravo Re-Work)

24. Flamingosis - Flight Fantastic (feat. Birocratic)

25. Yana Julio - Hanya Untukmu (Hari-Hari)

26. Toshiki Kadomatsu - Lovin' You

27. DRAM - Best Hugs

28. Thelma Aoyama - hEy bOi

29. Tobi Lou - The Blue

30. We Are The Night - Snorkeling



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Rolling down with the third one, we got the QT from the Lion City, Sofklo for our music podcast. 


Having her to perform at our Daze System 03 audiovisual gig, we really couldn’t get enough of that Asian induced bubblegum bass pop (if that’s what they called it). But this time, instead of bringing the QT sounds and her own tunes, Sofklo fused some more perplex and elaborated club rave-kawaii-Harujuku-maximal synths-bubblegum pop sounds *gasps*. Starting off with a soft essence of whisper (computer generated voice) from the yung bae - “Hope you enjoy this mix for Tomoe. Luv u”, and drag you straight into the sweet candy rave of rainbow Floorbaba - BITTER ROOTS. Diving in, blessing us with a deeper and darker flipped version of the pop legends, Janet Jackson and Kylie Minogue. Who could expect that the QT, Sofklo can turn into a fine selector when it comes to a dance party club night. Big ups Sofklo!


1. Okthxbb - Love It When It Rains

2. Floorbaba - BITTER ROOTS

3. SIDECHAINS - Third Heaven

4. Kehlani - Undercover [Foxsky’s ALL CLAWS NO PAUSE Bootleg] 

5. King IV - We Can Get It Ft. Rromarin (Donatachi Remix)



8. Janet Jackson - No Sleeep (EASYFUN Remix)

9. Kylie Minogue - Can't Get You Out Of My Head (Vic Alexis Remix)

10. Dirty Chocolate - Resonance (ft. Sofasound)

11. Tomggg - Tick Tock Skip Drop (feat. ボンジュール鈴木)

12. Ujico*/Snail's House - Pixel Galaxy

13. Sekai No Owari - Moonlight Station (Dux Content Remix)

14. MARCELO - Navigate (produced by riclaflare & lukrative)




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The innovative and multi-talented Pilipino persona – Similarobjects founded and director at his own institute called Cosmic Sonic Arts, co-founder of BuwanBuwan Collective (music collective), and a member of one of the most appealing music collective + record label in Singapore, Darker Than Wax. Meanwhile, he’s also performing as Nouvul as a singer songwriter, which delivers more of romantic, R&B vibes. Not to mention his passion towards visuals as well, producing his own visual set to aid his music performances. August 2016, Similarobjects released his latest album – Rara Avis featuring 13 tracks, a very composed work of album artworks, and an amazing simple audiovisual interactive application developed with Unity. Check out Rara Avis here.

In this mix, Similarobjects was on that nostalgic feels and tried to take you back to his year of 2012, which he claimed it was a fruitful year for him to get to know more about the hiphop beats. It concludes why this mix might sounded gold with all those raw aging hiphop beats circulating around 2000 – 2012. Featuring tracks from Shigeto, Sango, Proflogik, Jacob 2-2, and of course his own early, unreleased and unheard productions. Slowed chopped samples, 808 snares, atmospheric melodies, the standard 8 bar pattern grooves and funk, this mix smoothens your 9 – 5 routine with this chilling, easy listening yet amazingly composed vibezy mix.


Oh one more important thing, currently he’s pursuing his dream of continuing his endless enthusiastic music endeavor by participating this year’s Ableton Loop in Berlin. Help him succeeding his journey by aiding him financial support here.


No traklist bcoz #rare baets. :)



Download the audio file here.

First up on The Tomoe Podcast series, we have an exclusive mix from local track maker, Mushroom Buttons. Eschewing his usual style of fluctuating BPM and genres within a mix, this one is strictly footwork.


Expect similar vibe at Daze System 02 on 30th August 2016, where Mushroom Buttons will be closing it down for his favourite collaborator, and show headliner, Iyer, of Phyla Digital.


1. DJ Nate - See Into My Eyes

2. RP Boo - RP Technic

3. DJ Aflow - Lean Got Me

4. Jamfransisco - ShewannaBOUNCE

5. Andrea - Write Off

6. Neuropunk - The OG

7. DJ Orange Julius - Gangs (feat. DJ Mastercard)

8. Mushroom Buttons - Ice Climburr

9. DJ FLP - Damn Boy (feat. CJ Milli)

10. B. Robertson - Tronic

11. DJ Rome - Feelin You (feat. DJ Elmoe)

12. Paisley Parks - Only 4 1 Night

13. Cakedog - FOH

14. DJ Killa - You Ain't Really On Shit

15. DJ Metro - Kombat Wurkz1

16. LiL JaBBA - OiL.

17. DJ Rashad - Teknitian

18. Hank x Boylan - betta off alone (we dont fux w u)

19. DJ C-Bit - Go Crazy

20. DJ Roc - SnapChat Me That Pussy

21. iyer - Chikku Bukku Railroad

22. Damscray - Make Me Juke

23. Machine Girl - Ginger Claps

24. DJ Haydn - NEO 08 (feat. Yemi)

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